Board of Directors

Providing an innovative forum for all community
stakeholders to contribute to a healthy,
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Downtown LA Neighborhood Council

The Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (“DLANC") is governed by a 24-member Board of Directors, whose members participate on various committees.

DLANC board members are volunteer City officials elected by the members of our communities every two years in official city elections. Our 24-member Board of Directors is composed of residential and business representatives from five assigned geographic areas of Downtown; and Social Services Providers, Homeless residents, At-Large and Area Wide seats. We have five board officer positions, nine standing committees, and appointed liaisons and alternate board members.

To see the official roster of our Board of Directors, Board Alternates, and Planning & Land-use Committee, visit

The full Board of Directors meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 7 PM.

However, in conformity with the September 16, 2021 enactment of California Assembly Bill 361 (Rivas) and due to concerns over COVID-19, the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council will be conducted entirely with a call-in option or internet-based service option until further notice.

In compliance with Government Code section 54954.2(a), Neighborhood Council agendas are posted for public review at the Department of Recreation & Parks – Pershing Square Office, 532 S. Olive and at You can also receive our agendas via email by subscribing to L.A. City’s Early Notification System at:

Claudia Oliveira
Naira Harootunian
VP of Administration
Angela DeLeon
VP of Outreach
Tony Hoover
Jim Sarratori
Patricia Berman
At-Large Stakeholder Board Member
Center City East Resident Director
Wendell Blassingame
Center City East Resident Director
Ryan Afari
Fashion District Business Director
Chair, Planning & Land Use Committee
Ana Carril
Fashion District Resident Director
Nathan Mahaffey
Civic Center/Financial District Resident Director
Tyler Murphy
Historic Core Business Director
Melynda Choothesa
Historic Core Resident Director
Pablo Fontoura
Historic Core Resident Director
Christian Dittmer
Historic Core Resident Director
Leonel Aguilar
Social Service Providers (SSP)
Allen Gross
Social Service Providers (SSP)
Cody Nowak
South Park Business Director
James Wilde
South Park Resident Director
Jehan Reagan
South Park Resident Director
Co-Chair, Government Liaison Committee
Debby Zhou
South Park Resident Director
Chair, Livability Committee
Wendy Celaya
Center City East Business Director

Damion Wagner
Center City East Business Director

Samir Bitar
Historic Core Business Director



James Wilde
Animal Services
Reeyan Raynes (Stakeholder)
Public Works & Resilience
Rick Young (Stakeholder)


Neighborhood Council Alliance Representatives

Nishanth Krishnamurthy (Stakeholder)
Sustainability Alliance