2nd & 3rd Street Tunnels Cleanup

The 2nd and 3rd Streets Tunnels are more than just a road, they are the gateway to Downtown LA and are an often overlooked piece of LA’s history.

That’s why DLANC, in partnership with the Office of Councilmember Kevin de León, worked with the Office of Community Beautification, City of Los Angeles Bureau of Street Services, and the City’s Department of Public Works to dedicate specialized graffiti cleanup crews to restore the tunnels to their former glory.

It takes a lot of teamwork and dedication to get work like this done and we want to thank the many folks from all the departments and agencies, especially Commissioner Aura Garcia, Vice President of the Board of Public Works, for making this all happen.

We are working to develop a long-term plan with our city partners to maintain these vital pieces of infrastructure, as part of a larger city-led investment to upgrade lighting and address deferred maintenance, to make them safe, accessible, and pleasant for pedestrians and motorists combined.

Remember, if you have issues or concerns with any city service needs, please feel free to reach out to us at info@dlanc.com.