Board of Directors Open Seats

DLANC is seeking any interested unhoused, formerly unhoused, individuals residing in transitional supportive housing, or individuals receiving assistance (housing or resources) from a homeless services agency to fill (1) vacant seat on our Board of Directors for our Area-Wide Homeless Resident Director seat to represent all neighborhoods of DTLA.  This is an opportunity to voice the needs and concerns of vulnerable communities to city leaders, departments, and other stakeholders in our neighborhood. 

*All applicants must provide documents that show the following:

1. Government Issued Photo Identification & Proof of Age (I.D. or Passport)

2. Document(s) proving that they meet specific stakeholder requirements (Note: documents must show that you qualify as a stakeholder**)

3. Fill out and submit this form, with the above documentation, to and

**To apply for the Area-Wide Homeless Resident Director seat, applicants must provide proof of stakeholder status in the Downtown Los Angeles area. Please refer to this link, and the sections “Homeless Resident" to find which documents are acceptable to prove that you are a stakeholder in the Downtown Los Angeles area.

*If you are unable or do not have access to provide or submit the required documentation, please contact us for assistance. 

If you would like more information or would like to apply to fill this vacancy, please contact and

All documentation and statements of interest must be submitted by  February 11, 2023 if the seat is unfilled. Applicants will be required to attend either the January or February 2023 meeting of the Board of Directors to answer questions and to be sworn in if selected.