Planning & Land Use Committee

Providing an innovative forum for all community
stakeholders to contribute to a healthy,
vibrant, and inclusive Downtown.
Downtown LA Neighborhood Council

Planning & Land Use Committee

Chair: Beverly Christiansen

The Planning & Land Use Committee focuses on the broad variety of planning issues arising out of the dramatic redevelopment of Downtown LA. The Committee facilitates and provides a forum for public discussion and input on individual projects and general policy decisions re-shaping Downtown's landscape. Our goal is to encourage innovative and responsible land use planning that improves Downtown for all current and future stakeholders, including residents, businesses, workers, and the City as a whole. We recognize that the redevelopment of Downtown has both social and economic impacts, and that the on-going transformation of our metropolis is occurring against the background of cultural and historic resources that must be preserved. Our guiding principles encourage excellent architecture and design that is sustainable, transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, and compatible with existing and developing uses in the many neighborhoods that make up Downtown.