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Standing Rules

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Use of the DLANC Office

The office is leased by the city of Los Angeles for the sole purpose of downtown neighborhood council use. The executive board, the committee chairs shall be authorized to use the office for their meetings. Any use by others must be by authorization from the chair or vice chair in writing with 48 hours’ notice. Any unauthorized use of the office or equipment shall be subject to the applicable laws.

Procedure for board discussion at a meeting

The following procedure shall be administered by the chair or whomever is running the meeting: On any item, a motion shall be made and seconded. Public comment shall follow. Chair shall declare public comment closed and shall call on the board, starting from their far left, giving each board member 2 minutes each. At the conclusion of a full round of board members, the chair shall ask if there are any follow up questions or comments and begin again at their far left, allowing 1 minute each. Chair shall then close board members comments and shall take the vote.

Civility at Meetings

Chair shall warn anyone who is out of line 3 times. A preliminary warning, a second advising they could be asked to leave. The final warning shall ask them to leave. Should they refuse to leave, the chair shall declare a recess and call for removal.

Ethics Training

All members of the board shall be required to take the city ethics training within 60 days of taking chair. Failure to do so shall result in suspension of all voting rights. Failure to complete the ethics training within 120 days of being sat shall result in removal.

Board Filled Vacancies

a. At a regularly scheduled meeting, a vacant seat will be announced.
b. Any Stakeholder interested in filling a vacancy on the Board shall submit a written application to the Board 1 week prior to the election meeting.
c. The Board shall cause the matter to be placed on the agenda for the next regular meeting of the Board.
d. The Board shall vote on the application at the next regularly scheduled meeting. If multiple applications for one seat have been submitted, the candidate with the most votes wins.
e. The candidate who wins shall fill the remaining term of the Board seat unless an election or selection occurs sooner.
f. In no event shall a vacant seat be filled where a general election is scheduled to occur within 60 days of the date that a written application is presented to the Board.


The Council can take action to publicly reprimand a Board member for actions conducted in the course of Council business by censuring the Board member at a Council Board meeting. Censures shall be placed on the agenda for discussion and action.

Clarification of Committee Agenda Postings

The board member chair of each standing or ad hoc or other appointed committee is the ONLY person authorized to post and authorize the distribution of an official agenda for the committee.

To view a copy of the Board of Rules of Order (Adopted 3/8/2008), CLICK HERE